The Most Popular Patio Door Installation Options (Guide for Homeowners)

October 22, 2022

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A new patio door installation is an excellent investment for your home! Updated doors might provide added security and energy efficiency, and a stunning new style. Additionally, larger or frameless doors can mean more light inside interior rooms, for a welcoming look.

However, as a homeowner, you might not realize all your options for new patio doors. Consequently, you might miss out on some amazing features or settle for something that doesn’t quite fit your home. To avoid these risks, check out some details about today’s popular patio door installation options. Then, talk to a door installation contractor near you as needed!

Today’s Most Popular Patio Door Installation Options

First, note that patio doors are usually hinged or sliding. Second, consider some added details about these design styles and why you might prefer one over the other.

Single panel hinged doors

Single panel hinged doors are like entryway doors. These offer just one door panel that opens and closes by swinging in or out on a hinge. Additionally, these hinged doors offer a range of options for materials and added details. For example, you might choose a wood hinged door, to coordinate with your home’s entryway door.

Single panel hinged patio doors also offer lots of security, with durable locks and heavy-duty frames. Also, choosing a solid material such as wood or vinyl means added privacy! However, they will also block outside light and your view as well. Additionally, note that they need proper clearance for opening.

French doors

French doors are two side-by-side single panel doors. These doors open inward or outward, for a grand and sweeping entryway. French doors also provide more space in the doorway, easing congestion.

As with single panel doors, manufacturers make French patio doors from a range of materials. You can even find glass French doors, for maximum sunlight inside your home! However, as with single panel doors, French doors need sufficient clearance for opening.

Basic sliding patio doors

The most basic sliding patio door replacement typically have two glass panels, one stationary and one that slides sideways to open. Glass sliding doors offer maximum sunlight inside your home. Also, sliding doors don’t need clearance for opening and closing.

Multi-slide patio doors

As the name implies, multi-slide patio doors have more than one panel that slides to open and close. These are excellent for larger patios or decks, as they provide maximum clearance. Additionally, opening all the panels means more airflow inside the home!

Bifold patio doors

Bifold doors offer more than one panel, and these doors fold as they slide, like an accordion. One advantage to bifold doors is that they open completely, with the panels stacking up against a wall. In turn, you can enjoy an unobstructed view and lots of room for foot traffic.

Framed versus frameless doors

If you choose glass patio doors, you’ll need to pick either framed or frameless. As the name implies, framed doors have a frame around a glass panel. Frameless have plain glass panels without any frame surrounding them. Framed doors will have strips of wood or another material around those panes.

Frameless doors provide the most sunlight in your home and an unobstructed view to the outside. Also, they work with any décor or interior style! However, some homeowners might think them a bit bland and without style. You might also not realize the door is closed if there’s no frame in view.

On the other hand, framed doors block some sunlight and, depending on the frame’s size, offer more privacy. That frame can also coordinate with interior décor features and give the doors more weight and aesthetic appeal.

patio door installation options

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Patio Door?

As with any home improvement project, patio door installation costs vary according to materials chosen and your contractor. Most installation projects start at about $1200, usually average $2500 and can run up to $10,000 or more.

  • Vinyl frames might start at about $300 per door, aluminum at about $600, and fiberglass at $800.
  • Wood frames are typically the most expensive, often starting at $1200 to $1500.
  • Basic two-panel sliding doors might start at $300 and run to about $1500. For added panels, expect to add anywhere from $700 to over $5000 per door.
  • Impact-resistant glass often adds from 10% to 30% to your overall costs. Also, details like grilles or built-in blinds also add at least 10% to your costs per door.
  • Energy-efficient glass often runs about $300 to $600 per pane. Tough, hurricane rated glass is often twice that or more, running from $700 to over $1000 per pane.

While homeowners don’t want to overspend on new patio doors, remember that quality materials last longer over time. Additionally, impact-resistant glass offers more security against weather damage and intruders. Also, thick, toughened glass is often less likely to shake and rattle in high winds.

Can You Replace Patio Doors Without Replacing the Frame?

The short answer is yes, you can replace glass panes in a patio door without replacing the frame. A contractor can cut out the existing glass and install new glass and caulk quickly and easily. This process is typically more affordable than replacing the entire door.

Also, updating the glass itself allows you to swap out the existing pane for something more durable and attractive. Older glass often holds dirt and grime in surface scratches, for an unsightly look. Glass also tends to thin over time. In turn, you might replace that glass with something cleaner, thicker, more impact resistant, and easier to keep clean!

Fort Worth Home Window Replacement is happy to provide this information about your patio door installation options. Hopefully you found it helpful and useful in making your choice! If you’re ready for new doors or windows in your home, call our Fort Worth window replacement contractors. Our energy-efficient options can lower your utility costs year-round while improving curb appeal instantly. Additionally, new windows can mean more sunlight inside your home while stronger entryway doors help keep your property secure. For more information or your FREE consultation and price quote, use out contact form or just give us a call.


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